R U T H - E L L E N & F R I E N D S

R U T H - E L L E N & F R I E N D S

5th Dec 2019 7:30pm - 10:30pm

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Event Details

REAF is a live music event focused on getting to know both the artists and members of the audience. The night will be laidback and intimate and provides artists with a way of interacting with their audience and creating a long lasting affinity. The audience get the chance to engage with artists’ stories as well as their music. Showcase with Open mic.

REAF provides great opportunities to network and collaborate with some of London’s talented and up-and-coming artists.

*Line Up*

On Dec 5th, Ruth-Ellen will be joined by:

Rayon Nelson- Singer/Songwriter

Rayon Nelson has achieved remarkable status for an independent artist. With eclectic influences from Jamaica, London and Suffolk, his music presents an inspirational and compassionate lyricism

Oriana Jemide- Spoken word/ Poet
Oriana Jemide is a British Nigerian performance poet and fine artist whose work focuses on bringing hope and healing through telling relevant and relatable stories.

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* Open Mic *