iRadiate Insights Online: The Business Side Of Music

iRadiate Insights Online: The Business Side Of Music

28th Nov 2020 4pm - 7:30pm

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Event Details

Following our last 2 sold out events of 2019, we are back with a brand new event line: iRADIATE INSIGHTS! Master The Business Side of Music!

Due to COVID-19, this event was rescheduled from April to November 2020 and is now ONLINE!

If you are an upcoming or experienced singer, BV, musician, artist, rapper, worship team, songwriter, producer etc then look NO further. This event is for YOU, no matter where you are globally!

Over 90% of musicians have good intentions and the necessary talent but the iRadiate founder, Adegail, discovered very quickly that many do not know how to effectively conduct the administrative/business elements of their creativity due to a lack of guidance.

So this event has been created to educate and equip you with everything you need to know about music professionalism. Sessions 1-3 will walk you through the full process of how to release a song excellently through interactive presentations and Q&As:


Adegail, Founder and Coordinator of iRadiate / Indie Artist



Sarah Teíbo, MOBO Nominated, Indie Artist

Niiela, Gospel Artist/BET Sunday Best Finalist

  • Do I need a manager/team/followers?
  • Selecting the right producer - what makes a GREAT producer?
  • Mistakes most artists make and what you NEED to know before release day
  • What makes a 'hit' song? Do lyrics still matter? Do I need a 'sound'?
  • Gospel artist v Contemporary artist - Is there a difference? Does genre matter?
  • Can I realistically pursue music full time? How much will it cost? Is it lucrative?



Michael Femi Dada, Music Director/ Music Producer

Matthew Ojar, Indie Artist/Producer/Former PRS Royalty Consultant

  • How to protect your creations using royalties (UK/US/CA/Ng/Gh)
  • Navigating PRS/PPL to ensure royalty earnings are documented and claimed
  • Songwriter entitlement according to music laws and guidelines
  • Split sheets: Assigning royalty percentage splits as a musician, producer etc
  • Selecting the right music distributor to get your songs on streaming platforms
  • Common mistakes musicians make regarding PRS royalties that needs to STOP

SESSION 3 - MARKETING & PR, 6:30-7:30pm


O’Neil Dennis, Chief-Editor of Astepfwd/ Founder of UK Christian Chart

Andy Baker, Founder of Resound Media/ Homegrown Worship

Audrey Gray, Creative Projects Manager/ Founder of ArtisteHub (books Guvna B, Noel Robinson, Jake Isaac etc)

  • How to promote your product /'story' excellently
  • Maximising online and offline song exposure
  • Building an audience /'tribe' online?
  • Successful music marketing techniques
  • What is a 'good' press release? Is it necessary?
  • Myths of marketing? Mistakes artists make that needs to STOP

(Verification will occur 15 minutes before being permitted into the session. Please ensure that your ticket name matches the name to be used on zoom. No match; no entry. By signing up, you give permission to be recorded during the session)

For event updates/questions follow: @_iradiate on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter - we exist to encourage, educate, equip and empower creatives globally.