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Millicent Stephenson is an accomplished and acclaimed award-winning female saxophonist and has featured on BBC1 Songs of Praise. As a successful full-time professional artiste, Millicent gives back to musicians. In particular, she recognised the lack of female musicians in the Industry and founded a networking event called ‘Cafemnee’ where she mentors and empowers women returning to their music, transforming their lives. In response to ‘Where can I find you?’ from her fans Millicent produces yearly Shows called ‘Not Just Jazz’ to showcase her original material, favourite iconic Jazz, Blues, Reggae, Soul and Gospel covers with her witty take on life. Millicent is a songwriter and her music has been featured on the U.K. and international radio stations. In her spare time Millicent serves as a member of the Midlands Regional Committee of the Musicians Union and the Equalities Committee. Millicent also a Vocalist, Music Director, Teacher, Pianist, Label Owner (Silver Gliss Music), wife and mother of two adult children.

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